NUWARD is EDF Group’s subsidiary 100% dedicated to SMR

NUWARD is a dynamic mix of innovation, agility, expertise, and experience, thanks to its unique crew…

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NUWARD SMR: Using nuclear energy differently to fight climate change

Applying a mix of both proven technologies and fresh innovations, the NUWARD SMR will produce safe, reliable, decarbonised and affordable energy. NUWARD SMR perfectly complements EDF’s range of large nuclear power plants and renewable technologies…

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NUWARD SMR roadmap

NUWARD has initiated its Basic Design phase in early 2023. We target commencing construction of the reference plant in France in 2030.

  • 2017

    Start of opportunity study with CEA, TechnicAtome and Naval Group

  • 2019

    Start of Conceptual Design

  • 2021

    Framatome and Tractebel onboarding

  • 2022

    E. Macron announces €500M for NUWARD

  • 2023

    Start of basic design & safety option file (DOS) submission

  • 2025

    Start of commercialization

  • 2026

    Start of detailed design and formal application for a new nuclear facility

  • 2030

    First concrete in France